St. John's Church, Thorold
Empower people to learn about God through Scripture, influence the world in a Christ-like manner, and find peace, love, hope and joy in God.

What's Happening at St. John's


Canon Katherine and Katherine Kerley have put together a schedule of information, resources, support that we will be sharing each day on our church Facebook page. We will also bundle it up and send it by email as well.


Music Monday - sharing links to music that feeds our souls, lifts our spirits, touches our heart or brings us closer to God. 


Time-out Tuesday – Katherine K. will post something self-care related, to help us be gentle and take care of ourselves and our families at this time.


Worship Wednesday – Canon Kathy will continue to post a short prayer service and email the materials to you so you can follow along and participate as you watch.


Thankful Thursday – In the midst of these confusing and scary times, we remember to take some time out to acknowledge the support and encouragement we have received from others and to thank God for the gifts and opportunities we have been offered to reflect God’s love. Please contact us with your stories of thankfulness.


Fun Friday – Katherine K. will share a video of a game or craft for us to learn or do together.


Saturday Check In/Scenic Saturday – Canon Kathy will check in with words of encouragement, updates and information about the week ahead. We will also post inspiring images showing the beauty of God’s creation, or where we have experienced God.


Service Sunday – Our weekly 10am services will be livestreamed to the St. John's Thorold Facebook Page. Follow along at home with the words of the service by following the link on the Facebook post or in the email that Canon Kathy will send out later in the day. You can also find the recordings, later, on our YouTube channel--subscribe to stay up to date.

Our Bishop will also share a service at 10am on the Diocesan Facebook page.

Community Lunches - We will continue to offer our take-home Sunday lunches to those in our community.

Welcome to The Church of St. John the Evangelist

12 Carleton St. S
Thorold, ON
L2V 5C2

Welcome to The Church of St. John the Evangelist, Thorold!


Worship Times:

Sunday 8am - Traditional BAS
Sunday 10am - Contemporary
Messy Church - 
3rd Thursday of every month 5:30-7:30pm