St. John's Church, Thorold
Empower people to learn about God through Scripture, influence the world in a Christ-like manner, and find peace, love, hope and joy in God.
Our Rector
The Reverend Canon Katherine Morgan
Kathy serves as the spiritual leader for our congregation. Her ministries include preaching, and pastoral care. We look forward to her guidance as we navigate God's mission for St. John's in Thorold.
Our Parish Deacon
The Rev. Deacon Keith Pidduck
Keith serves as our Parish Deacon. Although he does play a role in worship, his servant ministry is focused outside the church, rather than within the congregation. He spends much of his time assisting those who are vulnerable, alone and/or shut in. He also leads a semi-annual bereavement program called Finding Your Way Through Grief.
Our Children, Youth and Family Ministry Coordinator
Katherine Kerley, OCT
Katherine serves as our Children Youth and Family Ministry Coordinator. She leads and provides resources for various ongoing groups catering to children, youth, young adults, and families. She coordinates annual events and programs such as Youth Groups (Jr. and Sr.), Sunday School, Messy Church, Vacation Bible School, retreats, and family events. Having attended many child and youth programs locally and through the Diocese, Katherine is passionate about involving young people in the many amazing leadership and growth opportunities available.
Our Music Director
Our former Music Director, Melissa Shriner has left St. John's to work in her ever growing and successful music studio and to continue in her personal musical performance career. We are currently in the process of working to fill the position. More information can be found on .
Our Parish Administrator
Nicole Arnt
Nicole serves as our Parish Administrator, ensuring that the business of the church, especially communications to and among members, happens efficiently and effectively. She provides staff support for the Corporation and Parish Council. She also serves as our Hall Rental Coordinator. 

Welcome to The Church of St. John the Evangelist

12 Carleton St. S
Thorold, ON
L2V 5C2

Welcome to The Church of St. John the Evangelist, Thorold!


Worship Times:

Sunday 8am - Traditional BAS
Sunday 10am - Contemporary
Messy Church - 
3rd Thursday of every month 5:30-7:30pm