St. John's Church, Thorold
Empower people to learn about God through Scripture, influence the world in a Christ-like manner, and find peace, love, hope and joy in God.

Church and Faith

What does ‘Anglican’ mean? 

The term ‘Anglican’ simply means ‘English’.   Historically, our church finds its roots in England, although today we have members of many nationalities.

The Anglican Church is unique for a variety of reasons:

We are committed to being both catholic and reformed with equal emphasis on the Word (the Bible) and sacraments.

We take authority from the ‘three legged stool’ of:  Scripture, reason and tradition.

We strive to be embracing, inclusive, tolerant, and flexible.

If I come to church on Sunday, what can I expect? 

A warm welcome by one of our parish hosts as you come through the door. They will help orient you to our facility, including to our worship space, refreshments, information table, washrooms, Sunday School, etc. 

A relaxed and joyful atmosphere with people of all ages, generally dressed in casual attire.

A worship service that is uplifting and inspiring. Our service is projected onto a large screen so that it is easy to follow. Our music is mostly Christian contemporary, and led by a worship band.  Our sermons are meaningful and relevant, applying the message of the Bible to every day life in a compelling way. 

A quality children’s program with Christian teaching, activities and music

Inviting hospitality after worship, including coffee and cookies at 11 am and a no-cost lunch at 11:15 am. 


I’m not really sure what I believe about God, but I’m searching. Will my questions and doubts be welcome?

Absolutely!  We at St. John’s are all on a journey of learning to follow Jesus and would love to have you join us.  We’ll be blessed by your exploring and wondering in our midst!  


Welcome to The Church of St. John the Evangelist

12 Carleton St. S
Thorold, ON
L2V 5C2

Welcome to The Church of St. John the Evangelist, Thorold!


Worship Times:

Sunday 8am - Traditional BAS
Sunday 10am - Contemporary
Messy Church - 
3rd Thursday of every month 5:30-7:30pm